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(Luke 14:23)  “And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”Visit Our Bus Page!


Several dedicated workers bring children, teens, and adults to our services each week on our church buses and vans.  Our bus routes provide transportation to church for boys and girls who would not be able hear about the love of Christ on a weekly basis otherwise.  This is one of our most exciting and fruitful ministries.  Multitudes of children, teens, and adults have trusted in Jesus Christ as their Personal Saviour because of our bus ministry! 


Children are very precious to us here at FBC.  All of our nursery rooms are staffed with professionally trained workers, clean and sanitary, warm and inviting, and age appropriate in order to provide a loving, nurturing, and safe environment for your children.  Nursery care is provided for all services for children from birth to four years old. 

 Bed Babies Room - 0-12 months

This nursery room is designed to meet the needs of our babies and their moms.  Here you'll find age appropriate toys for the babies, and private nursing stations for moms and their newborns. 

 Bird Room - 13-24 months

This "bird themed" room will keep your one year old occupied with plenty of "walk along" toys, and a "Reading Nest" for story time.

 Jungle Room - 2 year olds

Two year olds have a wonderful time in this nursery room, with jungle animals on the wall, a place to color and draw, and plenty of age appropriate toys to play with.

 Ocean Room - 3 year olds

Sunday mornings are filled with fun and learning for our three year olds.  Each Sunday they learn Bible stories, play games, and sing Bible songs.

 "Little Sprouts" Wednesday Evening Program - 3 year olds

This  program  begins each Wednesday at 7:15PM in room 107.  The children are taught (story by story)through the Bible.  They sing Bible songs, and have coloring sheets that coordinate with the Bible story to help reinforce what they have learned.


(Proverbs 22:6) “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”


Spiritual training involves much more than just simply exposing children to Bible stories and truths. True spiritual training focuses on helping young people to develop a healthy appetite and “taste” for the things of God. FBC is committed to capturing the “want to” of our children where church is not a chore but a choice!


Sunday School

Our children’s Sunday school provides an atmosphere in which every child feels loved and valued. With our teachings geared toward the child’s age and comprehension level, we lay the foundation for having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Caring teachers help the child grow in knowledge and understanding of that relationship through Bible training and simple practice of Christian principles. Our children’s ministry serves parents and their boys and girls in grades one through six.


Junior Church

During our Sunday morning service, a Junior church for grades K-5 through 6 is available if parents would like to take advantage of this exciting program for their children. We take a systematic approach in our Junior church program where our Junior church leaders go through the entire Bible every two years. The weekly lessons are very age appropriate with interactive object lessons and activities that help support the central theme of each message. Each week children enjoy learning the life changing truths from God’s Word.


Pastor’s Pals

Once a quarter Pastor and Mrs. Seay personally organize and supervise an activity for children in the elementary grades of our church. This allows our Pastor an opportunity to spend quality time with the junior age youth in our ministry. All activities are well chaperoned and organized.

TEEN MINISTRY                 Visit Our Teen Page!

Our Teen Ministry is an exciting ministry for young people in the seventh through twelfth grades.  We encourage teenagers to reach all the potential God has given them and to live their lives with faith in Christ and a genuine concern for others.   We provide a positive peer group to support, encourage, and pray for each other.  Our Pastor and church family have a great burden for the next generation.  We sincerely believe that it is still possible for young people to live as pure and godly in today’s society as ever before.  One of our desires is to be a help and support to parents that are striving to guide their teens in having a heart for God and not being afraid of the will of God for their lives.


Sunday School

An exciting opening assembly is followed by smaller Bible studies for each age group, emphasizing the application of the Bible in daily living.


Teen Soul Winning

Our teens are encouraged to be a part of the weekly church-wide soul winning opportunities that are scheduled through the church.  However, a special Teen Soul Winning opportunity / activity is scheduled each Wednesday that allows our teens to receive personal training; visit in a preselected area as one large army of young Christians; and enjoy a wonderful time of camaraderie with their friends as they serve the Lord together.



Who says that being a Christian isn’t fun?  The teens in our church are exposed to a well-rounded variety of activities: from paintball and canoeing to youth rallies and youth conferences; from scavenger hunts and volleyball to summer camps and soul winning; from theme parks and just “hangin’ out” to Mission trips and prayer meetings; and much, much more!


Single adults are an important part of the Frederick Baptist Church family.  This is one of our newest ministries that we are confident will make an immediate impact on a vital group within our church! The single adult ministry offers a variety of opportunities for worship, Bible study, personal and spiritual growth, recreation, and fellowship.  At the heart of the single adult ministry is the desire to help individuals build a strong, rewarding relationship within the single adult ministry as well as within the overall church family.  It is a place where one can come and find a whole new group of caring friends who love the Lord and are committed to Bible principles.


Sunday School

The foundation of our singles’ ministry is our Sunday School.  Class meets every Sunday morning at 10:00 am.  Single adults will discover an exciting class tailor-made for their life situations, quality Bible study, and warm fellowship.


Monthly Scheduled Activities

Our College & Career ministry leader will have exciting activities scheduled each month.  This is a great opportunity for young singles to get better acquainted with like-minded adults close to their age and form enriching friendships that will last a lifetime!


The Sunday school ministry of Frederick Baptist Church is designed to connect you with a class that is relevant to your current stage of life.  With several adult classes to choose from, you are sure to find a teacher and class members who will help you get connected. All of our adult Bible classes begin promptly at 10:00 a.m.

College and Career Class (Kevin Hoffman, Teacher)

The foundation of our singles’ ministry is our Sunday School.  Class meets every Sunday morning at 10:00 am.  Single adults will discover an exciting class tailor-made for their life situations, quality Bible study, and warm fellowship.

Young Married Couples’ Class (Pastor John Seay, Teacher)

Our Young Married Couples’ Class is based on an abiding trust in God’s Word as the blueprint for successful marriages and healthy homes.  In Bible study classes you will discover the relevance of God’s Word to marriage, family, work, and life.  This class is designed to help lay a strong foundation for young couples in their marriages and when it comes to child rearing.  You and your spouse will enjoy getting to know other young couples through this class and also through the many activities that are planned year around for fun and fellowship.

Foundation of Faith Class (Earl Strine, Teacher)

This class meets in the auditorium each Sunday morning.  Relevant and foundational Bible truths are taught from the Word of God.  Adults of all ages are welcome to be a part of this vital and timely Sunday school class.

Women of Faith Class (Connie Brown, Teacher)

The Women of Faith is a “Ladies Only” class open to all ages.  Enriching and encouraging Bible truths are shared each Sunday morning.  A sweet spirit of fellowship can be felt each time the ladies in this class come together!


Bible Truths Class (Tom Williamson, Teacher)

This class is uniquely designed to be set up in more of an open forum.  Men and women of all ages are welcome to attend.  Lessons are taught each week in response to the questions being asked by those in class.  


One of the unique characteristics of our church is that it doesn’t take long for one to realize that we are a strong church “family!”  A genuine warm spirit of comradery is fostered by the many fellowships and activities that are scheduled throughout the year.  Our men enjoy target practice and shooting competitions at our annual “lead feast.”  We also have special men’s prayer breakfasts and other types of various fellowship activities that bring us closer together and provide opportunities for brothers in Christ to pray with and for one another.  Our ladies enjoy quarterly fellowships such as Mother/Daughter banquets, Christmas and Fall fellowships, shopping activities, etc.  Our annual adult Valentine’s Banquet is always one of the highlights of our year as our couples are spoiled to an evening of laughter, encouragement, and great food!